Dennis Childers has created thought-provoking installations investigating complex issues concerning social, environmental and political problems. From this page you can view 3 installations that Dennis Childers has created.

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"Store Front Studio"

APT (Art, Performance, and Technology), "Store Front Studio " June 6th - 10th. Installation/Performance in the Information Technology Building downtown Pittsburgh, part of the International Sculpture Conference 2001.


"Soft, Hard & Loud"

 April 28 - May 17, 1998 At the Hewlett Gallery, Carnegie Mellon University College of Fine Arts, Pittsburgh, Pa. This installation used sound, video, felt, metal, and vines. This installation was intend to raise questions and provoke thought about the next step in evolution. Has technology reached its peak or will it continue endlessly with new and more effective ways to kill our enemies and cook our food.

"Water, Water Everywhere…But Not For Long"

Donald Miller Art Critic Pittsburgh Post Gazette "...for total impact and minimal ambiguity, it is hard to fault sculpture Dennis Childers, `Water, Water Everywhere but not for Long’ a fantastic symphony of running water and television monitors warning about water pollution."

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